Friday, December 11, 2009

Dallas and Jerry Jones are back in the saddle for 'The Fight'

Like Rocky Balboa, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has gotten up, dusted himself off, beaten the count and is back in the fight to bring "The Fight" to his Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas on March 13.

Many thought an 11th hour postponed meeting Wednesday with the lead promoter Bob Arum, a co-promoter and HBO had ultimately ended Jones' hopes. However Jones has countered with a Texas - sized offer to Arum.

It's really up to Arum to be bold and accept the challenge of taking a big fight, maybe the biggest ever, out of the normal comfort zone of Las Vegas and into the largest domed stadium in the world that will hold over 100,000.

A source tells me it doesn't matter who says what to whom anymore. Arum has enough information to make the decision and it may come at any time.

Jones and his $1.2 billion Cowboys Stadium can more than match Las Vegas in the size of a site fee, seats, technology and virtually anything else Las Vegas can offer except casino gambling.

Cowboys Stadium hosts the Super Bowl 2011. The NCAA Men's Basketball Final Four comes after that.

Remember daredevil Evel Knievel and the Snake River Canyon jump in Twin Falls, Idaho in 1974? That was Bob Arum promoting.

Arum has always been the leader in technology when it comes to boxing. He has always had the best and most organized set up when it has come to closed - circuit television and later pay -per-view. He always hires the best people.

This is why I think he and Jones cut a deal. These are two men that like to do big deals.

Arum, 78, needs serious challenges at this point in his life and "The Fight" at Cowboys Stadium offers him that opportunity like no other offer.

There are so few of these men that speak the same language as Arum and Jones and can make a big deal like this happen.

Dallas - Fort Worth is the fifth largest TV market in the country. It's also the seventh largest metropolitan area in the country with over 6.1 million people. Arlington has always been known as the hyphen between Dallas and Fort Worth. DFW Airport is the third busiest in the world and 20 minutes from Cowboys Stadium. Downtown Dallas is only 20 miles to the east and downtown Fort Worth is about 20 miles to the west.

Dallas is a major convention city and their are plenty of hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, malls and entertainment centers for most tastes required by traveling fight fans. Dallas is truly an international city.

This fight could do a lot worse than Cowboys Stadium.

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