Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Roach hopes Manny beats Floyd and retire

MANILA, Philippines - If there’s one wish Freddie Roach could make as his prized fighter celebrates his birthday today it’s for Manny Pacquiao to beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. on March 13.

“Beat Floyd so he can retire,” said Roach, adding that Pacquiao has nothing more to prove in the ring, granting that he beats Mayweather in the highly awaited match.

Roach felt sorry that he couldn’t come to the Philippines to join Pacquiao in his birthday bash as he has a fight to attend to this coming weekend in the United States.

He was around when Pacquiao celebrated his birthday last year, and he had a great time in his barong Tagalog, sharing the table with Pacquiao, Bob Arum and President Arroyo.

“Tell him I couldn’t come. And tell him to have fun,” he said over the phone yesterday.

Roach just couldn’t ask for more for Pacquiao, who came from very humble beginnings to become the greatest boxer of his era. For his first pro fight 14 years ago he earned no more than $20 and for the Mayweather fight he’s guranteed $25 million.

“He’s the greatest fighter of all time,” he said of Pacquiao.

“And that makes me the happiest trainer of all time as well.”

All he wants Pacquiao to do is beat Mayweather.

“That’s it – beat Floyd Mayweather and retire. But it’s his decision and not mine,” Roach said.

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