Friday, December 4, 2009

Maweather vs Pacquiao likely but not done yet

There are many reports from various sources reporting this fight as being a done deal. The fact of the matter is that yes, both fighters have verbally agreed to fight one another, that's no big news. The fight isn't done until all sides sign the contracts and agree on the money and venue, etc. Promoter Bob Arum finally met with the champ, Manny Pacquiao, and by look on his face, it's apparent that Manny has agreed to the terms.

Arum is now on the way back to the states to meet up with Mayweather's people, and that my friends is where I think things can still be a little tricky. Nothing is done until the paperwork is signed and everybody is happy. The proposed March 13th date doesn't sit well with Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach, and he let that be known yesterday, " Manny is recovering from a broken ear drum, I think this is too soon. I need Manny to be 100 percent health and ready for this fight." The famed trainer knows Manny like the back of his hand, and has yet to have steered him wrong. When Roach says something, people should listen.

Of course if this fight does get done it will no doubt be one, if not the biggest fights of our time. Currently Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is making a serious push to land the fight at his brand new stadium in Dallas, TX. Recently Democratic strategist and former President Bill Clinton adviser,James Carville has publicly made a bid to bring this fight to New Orleans, Louisiana. The Superdome in New Orleans sits about 65,000 people, and a fight of this magnitude would certainly inject the suffering economy with some much needed life. The city of New Orleans still suffers from the aftermath of the worst natural American disaster, Hurricane Katrina.

This fight brings multiple dimensions to the table. Little Floyd's father dislikes Freddie Roach, and Roach returns the feelings back. Roach and Pacquiao adviser Michael Koncz make no secret about their feelings for one another. Pacquiao conditioning coach Alex Ariza and Michael Koncz won't be sending each other Christmas cards, so throw that one into the mix as well. Mayweather's head trainer Roger is looking at jail time, and last but not least Manny and his political career. Yes, a lot of dimensions brought to the table in this one.

All indications thus far look positive for this fight, but until Arum meets with Mayweather's people here in the states, everyone should just take a breath and wait and see.

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