Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mayweather agrees to fight Pacquiao, but under what terms?

Well, a lot have been said about Floyd Mayweather Jr. allegedly agreeing to fight Manny Pacquiao but ironically, nobody is reporting the terms of what "Money" agreed to.

Bob Arum is reportedly on his way to hand deliver the paper work for the Filipino Icon to sign-on to. I see red flags everywhere.

Not to be Mr. Thunder Cloud on this parade but the last time I checked, Mayweather and Arum did not see eye-to-eye. For them to almost instantly agree on something is quite mind-boggling unless of course it's quite the favorable deal for Money May.

Secondly, for Arum to personally fly to the Philippines to sell this contract to Manny to me seems well, like there's a lot of selling needed to be done. Something just sounds off to me. Perhaps they want to catch Pacquiao off guard and put a gun to his head and agree to the fight the world wants to see. Also, Arum might want to personally discuss contingency plans already with Manny knowing the contract at hand might not really stick.

And there's the rumors that Mayweather has been training already for a fight in Britain. This could easily be a bluff to put the pressure on Pacquiao so he can say "Well, I agreed to fight PAcquiao but he didn't want to so I'm moving on to fight someone else." Like I stated, nothing has been disclosed on the terms of the contract Mayweather agreed to. This may very well just be an initial offer and a long winding negotiations process is likely to follow, but with the move, Mayweather strategically put the pressure on Pacquiao and again got him some publicity that he can use for a possible fight in England.

This fight will definitely happen, but as for reports that it's happening in March, well, I won't get my hopes up just yet. If Pacquiao history of contract negotiations is any indication, this is but the beginning of this epic saga. Let the games begin!

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