Friday, December 4, 2009

Mayweather looking to silence 92 million Filipinos

It's going to be a tall order, but Floyd Mayweather Jr is sick to death of the accusations of ducking, and cherry picking, and being labeled a coward and looks to silence everyone who doubts him. Mayweather, an undefeated multiple world champion, in multiple weight divisions has been taking a beating by both the boxing scribes, and the Manny Pacquiao army for years. If the reports are true that the proposed match with Pacquiao is going to take place, he will certainly get his opportunity to silence the masses.

Mayweather returned serve rather quickly by verbally agreeing to the terms, surprising some people. If he signs a contract within the next week or so, he will certainly be sending a message to everyone that he is stepping up to the plate. Pacquiao has verbally agreed and so has Mayweather, so now let's get the contracts signed, and get this show on the road.

Floyd Mayweather Sr recently went on the record with this writer at and said, "Little Floyd is going to whoop him, believe that." Big Floyd also walked dangerously close to accusing Pacquiao of using steroids, "There is something fishy with this guy (Pacquiao), he is coming up in weight and knocking all of these guys out. Something is fishy about that. If you follow boxing or know anything about boxing, you should know that something aint right with that guy."

Already the storms are brewing, the dark clouds are building, and the storm outside of the ring is approaching. Inside of the ring, the task at hand will be for Floyd Mayweather Jr to back up what he talks. Recently on GMA television, Pacquiao showed some rare emotion and fired a shot across Mayweather's bow, "The difference between Floyd and others I have fought is that Floyd makes a lot of trash talk that should not be imitated by young people." Manny is not usually one to fire verbal shots, he fires with his fists, so this shows that he's not very happy with the behavior of Mayweather Jr.

If this fight pushes through for March 13th, Floyd Mayweather Jr will have his opportunity to silence the masses. This fighter believes that's going to be a tall order. Time will tell.

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