Monday, December 7, 2009

Speed Kills and it's not because of pills

Floyd Mayweather Sr keeps on telling the world that he feels as if Manny Pacquiao is taking something to enhance his athletic ability and strength inside of the ring. The fact that Manny has passed every drug test ever given to him falls on deaf ears to him. Mayweather alleges that Pacquiao is using and hiding that fact with some sort of masking agent.

"Success breeds hate" this is a motto that this writer lives and breaths by. When someone is doing well in life, and is successful, there are always people out there that want to knock you off the top of the hill. Why cant in Pacquiao's case, these people just man up and respect him for what he is? Until Manny Pacquiao does something that questions his integrity, then nobody should question it.

Manny Pacquiao takes all drug tests that are required of him from the state commissions. Do people honestly believe that the legacy that both Freddie Roach and Manny Pacquiao has built, has been built with steroids? Would Roach and Pacquiao roll those dice?

Why not just accept Pacquiao as a freak of nature? His accomplishments are amazing, and he's done it with wicked speed and relentless power. Speed kills, and in this case it's not because of any pills. Pacquiao has risen to the top of the world through hard work, and dedication. Until someone proves otherwise he should be respected at face value, and spared the conspiracy theories

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