Thursday, December 10, 2009

Exclusive Interview with Jeff Mayweather: Floyd is Gonna whip Pacquiao

Exclusive Interview with Jeff Mayweather

Jeff, what’s good? What can you tell us about the Godzilla of all fights being inked?

JM- Well you know Albert, it’s on the table and being reviewed so you and I both know that it needs to happen.

What can you tell us about the split in this enormous pot?

JM- I believe that it has to be 50/50 right down the middle. Someone will always have something to say, like Floyd can say that he is undefeated and he just had a real easy time with Marquez, where with Pacquiao, Pacquiao struggled hard as heck against Marquez. Pacquiao can come back and say well I beat Oscar and Hatton much easier than you did. So that is why I am saying that the way to be fair in all this is to split it right down the middle.

Now obviously this clash is a real Super Bowl type of event here, so one should pretty much treat it as such. In saying that, don’t you feel that this fight should end up in a huge stadium like they used to do in the old days?

JM- You make a great point by saying that we should treat this fight as a Super Bowl event. I agree with you on that, but I still feel that this fight belongs in Vegas. I mean come on now Albert, Vegas is where the top money is made and above all, Vegas is the Boxing Capital of the world.

On our weekly spotlight column, I recently just yesterday wrote on how I compare this fight to Oscar vs. Tito. Oscar brought the beauty of boxing as well as his good looks just as Floyd brings now, and Tito brought the beast of boxing in the sense that he was knocking guys out with either hand just as Pacquiao does now. I got to tell you though, that for this fight I have no idea who will win, I even ask our readers for help in helping me decide on a winner.

JM- That is a great comparison. Oscar versus Trinidad is very much like what Floyd and Pacquiao bring to the table. Like you said Oscar was a boxer and Trinidad was the banger. Who did you think would win that fight, between Oscar and Trinidad?

Well I was a huge Trinidad fan because of the vicious pictures he painted, but I always knew that Oscar would win because Oscar was the more versatile of the two.

JM- Well there you go. You have the same thing happening here. You can’t tell me that Pacquiao is more versatile than Floyd. Floyd is by far the most versatile fighter out there.

I agree with you that Floyd is very versatile and can adapt quick to anything thrown his way, but PacMan brings that blinding speed out of the southpaw stance with either hand, I mean I can honestly see Floyd being hit flush with a shot he doesn’t see coming.

JM- Well you are right. Pacquiao is fast and he can catch Floyd with something, but the question is how often that can happen through the course of the fight. You can’t hurt what you can’t hit. Floyd is gonna whip him.

So if Floyd is going to whip Pacquiao, then out of all the welterweights out there today, who has the best chance on coming close to Floyd?

JM- I would have to say Pacquiao.

So you think that Pacquiao can beat Mosley?

JM- Yes, but only if he does it at a catchweight. At 147 I’m not so sure. Mosley is very durable and is a heck of a fighter but he is also easy to hit with the right hand. In fact, if Berto can land that right often then he can beat Shane, but Shane is tough and has that great chin. Shane has a better chin than Berto does, so we’ll have to see.

Alright Jeff, well thank you so much for your time and keep me posted on anything new.

JM- Yes, Albert for sure. Next time you come back out here hit me up so we can talk. Thanks for the call, take care.

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