Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mayweather: 'I'm an American citizen and want the (US) fans to stand by me like an American soldier'

Wake up, America. Floyd Mayweather Jr. wants you to stand up and support him... like an American soldier. Why? Because he needs your support. And because as he stated, he is an American citizen.

If that's not reason enough, maybe you can consider the fact that he might throw some real money on top of the fake money he dishes out during his public appearances. Don't mind if he does not pay his taxes on time at times and yet brags about losing "a looooooot" of money, which quantified he said about a couple of hundred thousand dollars in a week of gambling.

"I'm an American citizen and want the (US) fans to stand by me like an American soldier," said Floyd Mayweather in his appearance on HOB's Joe Buck Live show.

Aware of Pacquiao's popularity, Mayweather already put a gun to American boxing fans' in an attempt to perhaps turn his fight against Pacquiao into USA vs. Philippines. Well unfortunately for Floyd, and fortunately for the Philippines his boxing match against Pacquiao isn't USA vs. The Philippines, otherwise a straight-up war between the two countries isn't even going to last 30 minutes. Come on, let's get real. A world super-power vs. a third-world country? Forget about it.

But here's the thing, Pacquiao earned his fans by dazzling them and putting on a great show. He has re-energized the sport and brought excitement back. Things that you Floyd, have failed to do. In essence, just as most African-Americans who know anything about boxing say (video posted below) "we want Floyd to win, but Pacquiao is a beast." Every time I witness a Pacquiao fight, his fan base just keeps growing. And the thing about Pacquiao as well is that he never disrespected anybody. He is beloved because he treats everyone with respect. He has paid tribute to Mexicans when he was being labeled as "The Mexicutioner". Pacquiao scoffed at the moniker and said he "respects all the Mexican fans" and did not want to be called as such. He earned British fans admiration by destroying Ricky Hatton, yet never said a single insult against "The Hitman". And if he was popular amongst Boricuas when he before he fought Miguel Cotto, he is now also considered as one of their all-time favorite fighters after humbling yet honoring their fallen hero. Pacquiao has even invited Miguel Cotto and his wife to his birthday celebration as guests of honor in the Philippines.

See Floyd, you dug yourself a hole buddy. You alienated all your potential fans and former fans as well by acting like a big clown, throwing away money in public as if finding satisfaction in seeing the world around you struggling for money for the sake of bragging that "you got it, yep!"

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