Thursday, November 26, 2009

Breaking down the terms of Mayweather vs. Pacquiao

The negotiations are ongoing between the representatives of Floyd Mayweather Jr (40-0) and Manny Pacquiao (50-3-2). Top Rank top man Bob Arum and Golden Boy's Richard Schaefer are keeping quiet about what is being discussed for the time being though, only saying that the talks are going well.

With this in mind, here are what some of the main points of the negotiations might be dealing with:


The venue in this case will probably either be Las Vegas or Texas, due to favorable tax laws. The location isn't of much consequence here to either fighter other than convenience and tax implications. Most countries have shown to have some degree of home town refereeing, although this tends to be for local fighters rather than based on nationality alone, and so won't affect the outcome of this one. The other issue facing some fighters is that a big climate change from where they live or train can make acclimating for the fight difficult. Again in this case though all of the most probable locations are warm enough that both fighters shouldn't be affected.

Purse Split

The purse negotiations might be the one sticking point to the negotiations for this fight to happen. Mayweather has said in the past that he wants more than 50% of the fight purse. By his logic this is because he is undefeated and has won 6 world titles. Pacquiao on the other hand has won 7 world titles, and at 7 weights as well. Mayweather was considered the pound for pound best, and Pacquiao is now the pound for pound best, so there is little to choose between them. More than likely both sides will eventually settle for a 50/50 split as suggested by Pacquiao's's trainer Freddie Roach.


There is a title at stake, but as we all know titles aren't what anyone is worried about. Given that the fight will be at a catch weight anyway, and that neither man will probably defend the title after the bout, titles aren't an issue. The main prize awaiting the victor of this fight is the title of undisputed pound for pound best fighter in the world. As it stands now, fans of either fighter can make a case for either man to hold the title, but the bout will prove conclusively which is the better given their comparable achievements.


Although the scheduling for both fighters seem to fit at the moment, there are rumors of Floyd Mayweather taking a fight in England before the mega fight happens. Both Hatton brothers have been rumored as opponents, although they both have other fights in the works as well. Matthew Hatton is eager for a rematch of his recent draw against Lovemore Ndou and Ricky Hatton is currently rumored to be in talks with Juan Manuel Marquez for his comeback. Interestingly May 1st, which is the date both parties are aiming for, is also the same night that a major UFC card is being held.

Pacquiao is seemingly planning to fight in May whether Mayweather is his opponent or not, so the time line fits with him either way. If Floyd takes a fight in England as is being rumored and gets injured or defeated, then that could well throw the whole bout into jeopardy. If Floyd were to be defeated, then interest in the bout would drop massively, costing all involved millions. Similarly if he gets knocked out, then he may well be medically suspended if the Pacquiao fight is only a few months later. Also given Pacquiao's plan to fight twice more before retiring, any delays might well stop the bout from happening given the limited time he has before his political interests will require his full time attention.


Mayweather has complained in the past of having not been able to choose his own gloves when dealing with other promoters. This shouldn't be an issue now that he has Golden Boy behind him, but small things like this will probably feature highly in the contract.

Pacquiao and team will definitely have strict stipulations on making weight, with Freddie Roach stating in the past that he will try to have a penalty of a million dollars for every pound Mayweather comes in over the agreed weight. There will also likely be a clause in the contract stating that if Mayweather comes in at over a certain amount, then the bout is immediately canceled. Roach said he wants this to be anything over 3 pounds, but this will be something to be debated between the teams.

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