Friday, November 20, 2009

Freddie Roach adds fuel to fire: Mayweather doesn't want to fight Manny

Freddie Roach, while on Fox Sports Radio continued to make it plain that a 50/50 split of the potential purse from a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight was the only way the fight will happen.

"I honestly don't think he wants to really fight Pacquaio", he said about Floyd Mayweather. "I think both fighters know if they view the fight as 50/50 it will happen. My guy is definitely on board. We want that fight. Mayweather, I'm not so sure"

The radio host, Rich Quinones asked Roach if Mayweather, who he characterized as a "part-time" fighter could be ready by May or June for a match with Pacquiao.

"I would think so. The thing is, to promote that fight, I think March is too soon. But May-June is a good time especially for the pay-per-view. He (Mayweather) is coming off a good win, Marquez wasn't that competitive but he (Mayweather) was able to sharpen his footwork and timing."

Roach addressed the Mayweather claim that Manny Pacquaio isn't that versatile, that he's a good puncher but he's one-dimensional. "Of course, he's saying that, he's always using that to hype himself. Manny fought three different styles in the Cotto fight. Manny is a lot harder to deal with then he realizes.

Roach ended with this parting shot: "To make the money he (Mayweather) wants to make, he's got to fight somebody and there's no one else left for him. That's the bottom line. The public wants to see this fight."

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