Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mayweather running out of excuses not to fight Manny Pacquiao

Floyd Mayweather has made is obvious in numerous interviews that he only boxes these days for the money and fame. However he is still an all time great boxer, albeit not in a particularly crowd pleasing way, and is still one of the biggets draws in boxing today

It has been said throughout Mayweather's career that he ducked the best fighters and those who he thought posed the greatest risk to him. Most recently be avoided both Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito, much to the chargrin of the promoter of the pair Bob Arum.

Is Mayweather slowing down?

Mayweather fought a much smaller fighter in his last fight after his short 'retirement' in Juan Manuel Marquez. Not only this, but he came in over weight and further assured he woud have an easy fight. The fact of the mattter could be that Mayweather is simply past his best, and can only keep his unbeaten record in tact by taking easier fights than he did in the past. Similarly there were moments when he struggled with the aggressive but predictable Ricky Hatton, and nearly faltered against an arguably over the hill De La Hoya.

Pacquiao has beaten a lot of the same opponents as Mayweather, and has generally made easier work of them than he did. If Mayweather knows he isn't what he once was, then a fight against Pacquiao is the last thing his unbeaten record needs.

A man trapped by his own ego?

Despite the fact that Mayweather probably doesn't want to fight Pacquiao, it seems he may be forced into doing so by his own ego and pride. In the past he has been able to avoid fighters he didnt want to fight by virtue of the fact that there were always other options out there for him. Now however he finds himself with seemingly only one option left, and that option is Manny Pacquiao. Mayweather doesn't want to fight the other welterweights, and faces derision if he fights undersized opponents like Marquez again.

The latest

The latest from both sides seems to suggest that negotiations are going well, although other reports are saying that Mayweather is training for a fight in England next, against one or other of the Hattons. Ricky Hatton is semi retired and has already lost to Mayweather, and Matthew is less dangerous and recently drew in a close fight with Lovemore Ndou. Neither seems like a very appealing match up for Mayweather at this stage, although either would suffice as a tune up so long as the Pacquiao fight goes ahead in May.

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