Friday, November 20, 2009

Joe Calzaghe: "Mayweather, fight Pacquiao or retire"

Al time boxing great Joe Calzaghe, who ruled the super middleweight division for the best part of ten years has spoken out about the Pacquiao and Mayweather situation.

Speaking to the South Wales Argus, Calzaghe said:

"[Pacquiao's fight] was absolutely stunning to watch. Having seen Cotto live before, the fight went as I thought it would, because Cotto is prone to being caught too often and Manny is just so relentless. I am so impressed with him, he just gets better and better and now I think it’s tough to say whether it’s Manny or Floyd Mayweather is the pound-for-pound king,"

"Surely, Mayweather is going to take the fight? It’s the one everyone wants to see in 2010 and if Mayweather doesn’t fight him because of money issues, he should just retire. Unless he’s going to fight the best, why bother?"

Mayweather at one time made remarks about Calzaghe to the effect that he was only the champion because of a lack of competition in his division, and even boasted of being able to beat him. Nothing came of the remarks of course, with Calzaghe taking on Roy Jones and Bernard Hopkins as his last two fights while Mayweather retired at around the same time.

A lot of people share Calzaghe's opinions it seems, with fans and writers alike hoping for the fight to be made in the next few months. Comments form both sides indicate that they are ready to start talking, but whether it will get much further than that will have to remain to be seen.

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