Friday, November 20, 2009

"The Fight" just needs time to breath

"The Fight" is realistically as close to being signed as ever. However it is simply going to take some time for everyone involved to be on the same page.

Manny Pacquiao has done his part. So has Floyd Mayweather, Jr, and we know promoters Bob Arum (Pacquiao) and Rich Schaefer (Mayweather, Jr) live for these times.

But time is everything.

Pacquiao wants a brief vacation with his family. He has until December 1 to file his Certificate of Candidacy for the May elections in his country.

While their is talk of a March fight, it looks as if May is more realistic but that of course collides with the elections. How could Pacquiao both train for a major fight and campaign at the same time?

Something would have to give.

As I reported yesterday, the two sides can't be more than 5-10% apart in making this happen.

It's not at all about who gets a larger share. If Pacquiao wants all revenue from the one lump sum Philippines, it has to be balanced by Mayweather getting the revenue from his home state of Michigan, which has revenue streams via cable, satellite and closed - circuit.

Sometimes not all the money is accounted for or it takes years for it, because of lawsuits between promoters and cable companies changing hands, etc., to come in.

So the promoters just have to make it work. "Cowboy Diplomacy" doesn't work in these types of negotiations. Concessions and good faith work.

There are dozens, maybe hundreds of scenarios like this in a big fight negotiation.

When and where this fight will happen has to be worked out and how the world is divided on a giant game board is an imperfect science but it will happen.

So just hang in there for a little while longer and eventually I believe this fight gets made and both sides can claim they got the better end of the deal.

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